Typical speedreading progress schedule

People are different in skills and in motivations. It is impossible to tell how much time each stage of learning will take. We do try to schedule training exercises along some reasonable progress expectations. Below are some typical expectations as expressed in one of our Udemy discussions.


I was just wondering where I should be with my skill level before I carry on going? I am doing the three exercises every day, so the memory, camera and peripheral vision games for the 30 mins. Now that we are about to increase the speed of the reading I dont feel like I am well placed to be creating markers at that speed. I know it does say comprehension is going to be down while you go through the phases but just wondering if we should be at a specific point before we carry on or if we should stick at those games and reading until we are better at visualizing markers and joining their story etc?


  • I do not think there are rules. When we teach one-on-one, usually we go up to 90%+ comprehension BEFORE we start improving speed. Then we allow the comprehension to drop and eventually catch up to 50% comprehension at x2-x3 speed. Then we try to push the comprehension up again to 75% before final speed improvement. When we retest the students after 1 month we get ~70% comprehension and ~x4 speed. But there are many personalizations and variations based on specific details.

  • Awesome thats a good help. Means a bit of work to go yet haha. Also, is there particular books that would be good to be reading to aid in the learning, as an example I am reading “the tipping point” and I am finding there are a lot of the paragraphs info where I dont really want to attribute markers to, so wondering if I should be picking another book that might be better to use?

  • Dr. Lev Gold

    Almost any management or history book will probably do. I read technology blogs and news sites or http://www.omg-facts.com/ for fun. Anna uses “100 inventions that…” or “100 artists that…” and alike.

    Typical speed reading progress

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