Why does speedreading work?

You can find many people explaining that speedreading does not work, cannot work and should not work. Yet 90% of our students read 800wpm+ with 80%+ retention. How can it be? Being data scientist this is not surprising at all. Most of us have many channels for information handling. It is very similar to viewing a video file: audio, video, subtitles etc. Yet at school we are taught to listen to the audio (teacher talking or writing) and ignore everything else.

Our course first of all teaches our students how to encode the same information into much wider video channel. Simply because the video channel has huge allocation of processing bandwidth the resulting information handling becomes both faster and richer. In fact it becomes so fast and rich that the eyes need to be taught to move sufficiently fast not to starve the information channel!

Now comes the retention. Our brain is encoding everything in a way somewhat similar to MP3 audio and H264 video, but much much better. In any case the encoding is differential and lossy. When the information channel is wide the compression needs  are reduced, and the compression loss also drops significantly.

Once you activate the  full video channel you could do some optimizations. These optimizations are a part of advanced course and require some technical skills. First of all you switch on subtitles adding metadata markers to the existing content. Then you switch back audio, trying to recreate the ambient of the content. But these gains are small. Notice that the main information is still compressed  in video format. Now you can play with compression! You can choose between frame drops (prioritize sections), video quality (retention accuracy) and bandwidth (working memory utilization) based on the scene you are playing. You can even push fast-forward if the data is boring and stop when a stranger enters the frame (via extremely fast prereading).

By the end of the course you have an extremely capable “video” setup. The quality of the information you get depends only on you and the content you are “watching”. So use your superlearning skills well!


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