Criteria for choosing memorization method

Choosing the method for memorization of any particular information may be a matter of personal style, available time, number of details etc. Below is a short discussion regarding   criteria for choosing memorization method and alternatives to well-known story and loci methods.


I have come up with Higbee’s book (your memory) excellent book that can supplement this course.

When using memory techniques not mentioned in this course, it is important to use them properly. You can learn and train yourself whatever methods you want, but you always need to monitor:

1. Speed of creating associations. Visual markers are the best here. Since the focus of this course is on speed of learning, we did not find proper to teach you other methods.

2. Retention of association. Basically the more work you put in the better retention. Short stories (link) usually provide high retention if they are sufficiently unique. Works best for short paragraphs packed with information.

3. Accuracy. If you use “sounds like” (phonetic and peg) methods you may loose accuracy in details. Works best for dates and lecture/debate preparation.

Memory palace (Loci) method is very widely spread and it is considered generic tool. I find it a bit outdated unless you are working with simple everyday tasks: food, keys etc.

We are working on language learning course, which will address the phonetic and linking aspects in greater detail. Stay tuned 🙂

Criteria for choosing

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