Sliding words

This is a new exercise Anna invented to train both reading speed and visual angle. This implementation is the first time we use this particular exercise, so your feedbacks are welcome.

Min line width pixels.
Max line width pixels.
Reading speed words per min.
Saccade size words per line.

It takes a lot of time to develop useful exercises. Please support this effort.

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11 Replies to “Sliding words”

  1. love it, is there any way so the script remembers the reading speed we’ve set in a previous try? I find myself having to input my desired reading speed every time. Other than that, its great!

  2. Hey Lev,
    What do you think about the idea of adding a pause button to the playback? What about being able to change the speed of the playback within this page?


    1. This could be a good idea. We are moving some of our exercises into a mobile app, and do not currently invest in the webpage modifications. The porting priority is influenced by each page usage. “Linking markers” and “STVM” are first candidates. I will definitely consider adding “Sliding words” to the deck.

    1. Sorry, we are porting some games to mobile, not improving the web version.
      Sliding words will take some time.
      We currently have linking markers, short term visual memory and (next version) 20 words.
      To apply for private beta contact me:

  3. It would be nice if you can add the option to repeat the same paragraph several times before moving on to typing a new paragraph. or is this meant to be like that to let our comprehension catch up to the speed?
    thank you.

    1. This is more to develop speed than comprehension.
      If we move speedreading into an app, we will definitely need to treat this issue.

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