Is it reasonable to work and study?

It is well-known that most of the students work during their school years to earn badly needed money and life experience. There are some studies that show the value of parental help on later career success. However, not all parents have 15 000 dollars annually to pay for the expenses of their children. Students that live with their parents actually end up less successful than students that work. And if the work is not too intensive, probably it is a good choice to make. While I will write about the subject more in the future, recently I got a great infographic and an intro from Aris Grigoriou which I share below.

With more and more students opting to self-fund their studies through side jobs, students today are under more time pressure than ever before. A whopping 78 percent of undergraduate students have jobs on the side while a further 25 percent work full-time on top of their studies.

With hectic schedules, ever increasing workloads and often conflicting demands; finding a successful work-school-life balance is not something that will come easily to most. The latest infographic from Study Medicine Europe asks the question: “working and studying together – can it be done?”

This highly informative infographic offers several helpful tips on how to effectively manage your time and your workload as a working student. It provides practical advice on how to prioritize your tasks, how to communicate your needs to both your work and your university contacts and how to get the most out of the situation. This infographic also lays out the challenges you are likely to face as a working student and how these may affect your work or school performance.

The decision to combine work and study is not one that should be taken lightly. It is important to consider all the factors so that you make an informed choice. If you are a student and are thinking of taking up a job, do consult this infographic before making a final decision.

Read below to learn more.

working and studying together

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