Getting thing done

Recently I read two articles describing complementary skillsets of getiing things done. The first article described life attitude required for getting things done, like not getting fear and controversy stop you and commitment to actually doing things. The second article described using flow and momentum to maximize performance and getting things done. These skills contribute […]

Get better at getting better

The Japanese concept of kaizen includes getting better at getting better as a key ingredient to productivity. Kaizen can be loosely translated as a “good change”. For superlearner the change is a continuous process that optimizes our existence, a cycle of questioning, learning and implementation. In kaizen this cycle includes This kind of continuous improvement […]

Subliminal reading

Some people (including me) generate visual markers without actual visualization. The symptomatic of subliminal reading is very interesting. By following reading speed, eye motion, association creation, reading progress and some other criteria both Anna and me can tell that the student uses visual processing of the text. The student reads fast and retains very well. […]

Saccades, skimming and scanning

While the basic reading technique includes saccades, not everybody is sufficiently comfortable with saccading eye motion. There is a large amount of literature of scanning and skimming for specific purposes as complementary to reading. Specifically you can use both skimming and scanning for prereading, but also you can use the characteristic eye motion of skimming […]

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