Doodling at school and at work will boost your productivity

Once in a while we write about doodling (or freestyle annotation) and its benefits. Students drawing in their papers where mistreated by generations of teachers. They were asked to focus, to stop fooling around and to listen to the teachers. However, the human spirit is stronger than education fashions, and student persistently doodled in school […]

Memory palaces

Memory palace/loci is the oldest method available for memorization, and still it feels like we are very far from using its full potential. If you are interested using memory palace for any specific application, I suggest you to try Anthony Metivier’s books.  Anthony has demonstrated how memory palaces can be used virtually for anything with […]

Superlearning for languages and definitions: etymology method

Very often I ask students to understand the meaning of what they are trying to learn and use very accurate markers.  I want to demonstrate it on etymology. Take for example this real conversation: EY: I can create images to the words in the dictionary (some easier than others), but my main problem is that […]

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