4 Breathing Exercises That Can Increase Your Learning Potential

Occasionally we invite guest writers to contribute to our blog. Today it is my privilege to introduce an article by Helen Sanders from healthambition.com. The healthambition blog is full of useful materials and we hope to strengthen our cooperation in the future. If you have questions to Helen or want to invite additional articles please write to […]

Activities that will make you smarter

You can create your own training routine, improving it with exercises that work for you. These exercises may be highly unconventional. When I was learning, the exercises that worked best for me were memorizing sequences of colored lights and hidden object games – you will not find these games in now official resources. This article […]

Do mental math

Read about Trachtenberg system for mental math. Now choose a random number. Start with 5 digits, with time try to upgrade to longer numbers. Do mental computations. Expected effects: faster and better working memory access, improvement of mathematical tasks. No program or tools required: everything can be done in your head. Beginner level Multiply by […]

Marker dictionary

Occasionally you will need to make a marker dictionary. This method is typically required for medical and legal students, because the terms they use may be so abstract and complex that no reasonable markers can be created spontaneously. To some extent, large quantity of number memorization (via major system/PAO) or memorization of foreign words (via […]

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