Team building – rebels needed

When we started our mastermind project, accountability group was one of our key offerings. How did we build our groups? Based on common time zone, interests etc. And we failed: the groups did not become magnets of learning and motivation generators. True team-building is a complex task, which we cannot handle from our mail accounts. […]

Is there such as thing as too many ideas?

There is such a thing as having too many ideas. In the world of business and entrepreneurship there is an analysis procedure just for this sort of things. You could analyze risks and benefits, business environment, your ability to execute each idea and choose to focus on the best overall prospect. When you treat yourself […]

Superlearning business: tips for beginners

Many superlearners work in business: entrepreneurs, managers, analysts, lawyers, accountants, economists…. With business, financial and legal analysis it is easy to generate a quick return on investment for all the reading and memorization training. However, these areas require more attention to details and some dedicated tools. Business subjects appear to be complex since they can […]

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